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Hey there, fellow life coach (or coach-in-the-making)!
So you've been sensing God calling you to something more, am I right? You've felt that nudge in your spirit to coach others in a way that integrates your Catholic faith with the personal growth tools you've practiced. And now you want to go even a notch higher by partnering with the Holy Spirit. You're in the right place!

In this free 5-day training & challenge, we'll cover:
• God's special message for His daughters who are life coaches
​• Life coaching as a vocation

• The importance of partnering with the Holy Spirit
• The difference between a life coach and a Spirit-led life coach

• Why the world needs Spirit-led life coaches
• How you can grow as a Spirit-led life coach

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The free 5-day challenge will take place inside a private FB group. Enter the info below to receive the details via email.

Thanks for submitting! Please check your inbox for an email from me. :)

Your Host

Hi, I'm Mich! :)

I’m Mich Nicolas, a life coach who desires to help Catholic women like you thrive according to what Jesus said in John 10:10, that He came that we might have life to the full! I’m also a wife and homeschooling mom, an editor and writer. My husband and I lead a branch of our Catholic charismatic community, and I’ve been serving in ministry for most of my life.

In 2023, the Lord inspired me (more of "gently pushed" me haha) to start coaching Catholic women called to life coaching, so that's why I'm here. Happy to meet you, sis! :)

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